Founded in 2003 as a wine sourcing company, Dvino is now a market leader in sourcing of food & drinks.

Our motto “We Buy, You Sell”, clearly defines the service we provide to our customers.

Dvino is proud to have signed collaboration agreements with a wide range of clients. From large retail corporations like Walmart (Mexico) or Dirk Rossmann (Germany), to prestigious importers like Liquorland Kimura (Japan) or Keumyang (South Korea).

Dvino has always been open to analyze the needs of all types of clients, regardless of their size.

Selecting a new product for your portfolio can be long and time consuming.

Why do we think that working with a specialized sourcing company is a good solution for international buyers?

There are multiple ways to establish contact with potential partners/producers. It is very frequent for buyers to attend international trade fairs, where they meet lot’s of producers. After the exhibitions finish, normally candidates send samples and info to the buyers, who need time to taste and review all the information supplied to them. After a long decision-making process, an agreement is signed between buyer and seller.

Taking into consideration the large number of producers that exist in the Spanish market, how does the buyer know he has made the best selection? Is the producer able to guarantee the quality on every order placed? Does the buyer know the producer’s reputation? Are there other producers that could be more suitable for what the buyer is looking for?

Dvino, as a specialized food & drinks sourcing company can help buyers make a better decision:

  • Help in the selection of the most adequate producer/product that meet the buyers needs.
  • Communication between producer and buyer.
  • Order coordination to reduce lead times without affecting the quality of the goods.
  • Dvino guarantees the quality of products send in each order.
  • Offers after-sales/marketing support. Dvino works hand in hand with producers and buyers to increase sales and correctly position the brands.
  • Always in the know - Dvino keeps an eye on new developments and trends, and shares the info with all its partners.

As of today, Dvino has developed quite a few projects related to the following products:

  • Alcoholic drinks: wines, liquors, beers and wine based drinks.
  • Non alcoholic drinks: wines, liquors, beers, wine base drinks, juices and waters.
  • Food: gluten free products, cakes, chocolates, confectionary, nuts, olives, serrano & Iberico ham, cheese and precooked dishes.

Dvino has experience with both bulk shipments (wine, oil, nuts) as well as regular finished product shipments (pallet based or container based - 20” and 40”).